Ummai Muhaimeen

The course I was studying was Physics Chemistry Mathematics and Biology (PCMB) and I would recommend people to take up PCMB in St. Joseph's as they give you plenty of opportunities to discover yourself in this field. The way you take up different activities is based on you; there is no one who is going to push you towards all-round development. This is an added advantage, because it is preparing you for the outside world and that is a really important aspect of college life, personally speaking. The faculty of all three major subjects (PCMB) is at your constant disposal, helping you and guiding you through the syllabus and even giving you advice for your entrances. The syllabus gets more interesting and fascinating as you move on through 1st and 2nd years, gradually. It is tough to a certain extent, but regular brushing up of topics will keep you on top of your class for sure. Practice and don't hesitate to take help from your faculty, it's a great boon to have them help you out. The college notice board has a great sea of information available so you can keep yourself up to date regularly. Josephs days were just soooo good... I dint even realise how time flew there ... This institution shaped my personality very well, provided me good education, help me to explore myself by providing us opportunities to take part in inter and extracurricular activities, helped me make the best type of memories, all the professors are very friendly and encourage students very well...and I have got the best kind of friends from here

Time spent there were the GOLDEN DAYS of my life

I thank this institution for everything it has done

God bless.


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